Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Holiday adventures at Woodside

Yesterday we took four horses up to Woodside in two trips for some cross country schooling, (universe if you're listening I'd be totally cool with a four-horse trailer being gifted to me), and we had a lot of fun.

Danny is really coming around to this whole, "gallop and jump things" game plan.

We worked a lot on his rider keeping a firm yet soft contact to the fence: not so firm that he thinks it's an excuse to stop, but not so light he thinks he can throw his shoulders around. We also talked about the quality of the canter up and down hills, etc. It was really fun.

Kat was a pill, but I was just grateful that we finished on a really good note. I've realized this horse needs to be a LOT more tired than you'd expect before she starts jumping cross country nicely... which I'm not a fan of due to increased risk of injury etc but it'll just involve me keeping a very close eye on her.

ugh this was such an unpleasant jump but it sort of makes me laugh so you get the fail photo even though it's embarrassing

This photo above I really have to highlight because it totally captures the entire morning's outing. Kat is d-d-d-deer-bounding over the jump in a totally unnecessary way, E's keeping a keen eye on me in case I eat it, and Danny's all, "hey photographer do you have any more apples?"

Then we took the GingerPony and Indiana. First of all, I can only describe Indiana's jumping style as a slither. He just sort of slinks over fences... He'll jump anything he's pointed at (and aggressively kept pointed at in some cases but that's okay) but he has this fun habit of suddenly forgetting how to carry himself and falling sideways after the jumps. I was glad it was me schooling him and not a student because it was not as safe as I wanted him to be. He also tried to rear a lot which was the FUNNIEST THING EVER because he kept lifting his withers way up and trying to figure out how to pick both front feet up but he couldn't quite manage it.

I think his problem is pretty severe separation anxiety... it manifests even at home when we try to tack him up and he can't see another horse, he thinks he's going to die or something.

I am not familiar with this horse at all so while it's not an excuse that's sort of why I look so ridiculous. I'm also in dire need of a trainer shouting at my drifting left leg and peculiar elbows for a few hours.

Ridiculous knees

He actually looks okay over the fences but it felt so weird

Holy what-is-a-distance-or-a-half-halt batman

The GingerPony, on the other hand, was pretty sublime. I. Love. Pony. She's really starting to develop this nice, quality canter, and some serious rideability. She's getting very game about jumping new fences and I just love the antenna ears over some of these fences that she's not totally sure about but is giving a shot anyways.


  1. i kinda love that ginger pony too - what fun!

  2. Ginger looks in great care, in fact i am also a big carer of a Great Black Horse, i call him a friend lolz :D.
    PPC Expert